instead of sleeping

I wonder what will happen this
season of The A-List on Bravo as it
progresses over the next few weeks.
I think it’s quite interesting how
drawn I am to the plot after only
seeing two episodes of the second
season, this coming after watching
the entirety of the first season,
which served as an intriguing escape.
Nyasha seems like a breath of fresh
air that is needed and I’m curious
to see how her personality transforms
during the next few episodes.
I applaud her very open manner of
addressing people she’s unfamiliar
with and look forward to learning
a bit from her if she is able to show
the drama between other characters is
meaningless because while she has proven
that she wastes no time in frivolous
issues and conflicts, she has shown
that her career is more important than
building an intimate relationship with
another person, which I find extremely
admirable and worthy of celebration but
also grow weary of sharing similarities
due to closeness of ages between us.
But is it disrespectful to close an
ad that serves the purpose of changing
people’s lives simply to watch another
episode of The A-List?


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