like a fire hydrant

Is life something like a moment
bombarded with the intrusive presence
of a brightly colored fire hydrant
protruding the ground with gloriousness,
while one knows of its capacity to assist uncoordinated moments?
How many people would it take to complete a project,
one with proportion and slow motion,
while others get in the way of a spot
in perfect avoidance of an extremely bothersome
iuireuaverivb ierugh epriouh ireuv brestgeoiveru uaero
eurhuejkvbaueneoinvr ieeirov orehv 8ho3ihv owperhv
oerhv oruhv ouvh fbiubvaei rubuabvoeua rvbavoi
urioerh gioaeng aerlnbv ouerbv ejrbvlkenbo
georigneor;veaa oeveveior voeveorfjesg


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