in anticipation of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin

Before experiencing
Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin
in the same season of its
publication in 1833, one
cannot help but feel preemptive
enthusiasm for experiencing
through an operatic lens
the literary craftsmanship
of Alexander Pushkin, a prominent
contributor to Russia’s nineteenth
century modern literary movement.
From stimulating introspections
to active participation in
affairs of unfamiliar societies,
the protagonist of this drama
seems to navigate through
conflicts of indiscretion and
perhaps chronic dissatisfaction.

On March 17, 22, and 25,
Time Warner Cable presents
Eugene Onegin at Charlotte’s
Belk Theater of the Blumenthal
Performing Arts Center

with tickets ranging $15 to $135.
This infusion of Russian artistry
is bound to be an enchanting
experience for lovers of creativity
in need of an intellectual
stimulant during Charlotte’s
languid seasonal change.


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