so close to multiple zeez

Row, row, row your boat
gently as you scream,
the day will come
no longer young
and you’re forced
to steal and cheat.
The masses are sleeping,
who’s been dreaming?
Humans in control,
a few responsible,
of denying the public
comprehension of the origins
of Gal and Bern.
Such crafty humans
whose actions are riddled
by momentous mistakes.
Who is the fairest?
Neither you nor I,
for we must believe
that things will change
with the help of those who conceive
plans that address marginally grand needs.
But they too are fooled by structural deception,
still the machine cannot change its course,
too many games with people’s familiars
to let stand lonesome and afar.
They sleep, sleep, sleep away pain
because there’re so many times one recuperates
as the world vacuums all independence
and distraction with heavy hands.
Onward you must push beyond
expectations held within.


One response to “so close to multiple zeez”

  1. “Onward you must push beyond
    expectations held within.”


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