points of view

After reflecting on a dream I had, I found an image on the New Yorker website titled “The Artist in His Room of the Villa Medici, Rome” (1817, Leon Cogniet). The theme of the proceeding slides stemmed from a Metropolitan Museum exhibition: “Rooms with  View: The Open Window in the 19th Century.” As I continued through the paintings I was struck by the vast amount of topics that were available to the artists during that time frame, before and after, that spawned new genres of art. Eventually when music is the medium of popular culture, the imagery used in many vocalists’ art forms focus on wealth and accumulation of material objects. This made me wonder what will be the next topic of discussion embedded in the lyrics of music artists.

The popularity of windows enhancing one’s perspective of the beauty immediately available to the viewer highlighted in the Metropolitan exhibition came after Napoleonic Wars. With today’s political mysteries and socioeconomic turmoils, will the focus of the populace continue to be monetary success or because there resides so many conflicts within our own creative selves, will we img_4280as a society be able to highlight the tribulations of individuals who are striving to assist communities through daily trials that make the goal of living a happy and successful life unattainable?

Now that I read about Eagleman’s research and come across the writer’s phrase “a window on the movements of the mind” I find it very intriguing that a new cross cultural theme may pertain to new insight, to communal appreciation for the unknown in spite of the facts that are painted by authority figures. Such facts are insignificant to list as Eagleman’s studies and thoughts are of a quality beyond comprehension, rendering the aforementioned portraitures of reality a waste of the mind’s eye’s observation. And as I read of the profundity of “Sum,” I cannot help but contemplate that science will be the new art form that the masses will celebrate but has it already been accomplished?


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