in the other cubicle row

Oh I heard they give out boxes or something.

Yea, like I rode in the car and was like, “I did not buy you one!”

Oh yea, I’m so unorganized. And I thought about it and then it didn’t, it came on your birthday so I ordered it on Amazon and I called and it came really fast. So it came much faster than I thought it would because it took six days to ship it.

Yea, I got a box of jewels and then burned me a couple CDs and then didn’t know…

Oh, the way things have become in t…

In the other cubicle row, the pair spoke about the Twilight film they had seen over the weekend in tones reflective of their dissatisfaction. They returned to the topic of birthday festivities until an awkward pause, which was broken by a deep exhale of a theatrical yet abrasive person nearby.

Well, I’m glad you had a great weekend! Happy Birthday!

[originally written November 2011]


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