the man in purple

It’s happened again, said the man in purple,
The old habit’s gone and
the damned witch made me love
with a mental load big enough to make one scruple!
He hopped and sulked all in four seconds,
only to discover there was nowhere
a person with a solution for his ailments.
So slowly he walked toward the mountainous curve
even as clouds obscured his vision and only his breath was heard.
At first in a whisper, then accelerating to a shout,
the man in purple exclaimed,
I stare out my window
wondering where you could be.
During this morning hour, amidst dark shadows
your face is still all my mind sees!
Should I call or perhaps forget
any attempt to explore if you feel this stress?
I close my eyes and your face is near mine,
a pleasant sight for this late unrest.
Swiftly he continued up the nebulous route
only stopping momentarily to yell at the clouds,
These words are all I have
to sort through what you mean
within my heart even when it grows weary
every time I see you leave.


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