Upswing, what a mess.

Submission to ArtWorks Detroit 2014

Is indecision instigated by the inquiries we have about our whimsical states of being in this wild adventure yet somehow influenced by procrastinators of a sort of youthful mind? The thought of something most grandly invading the mental space from which we all live are given visibly to those who seek attention most. Like the homeless, or any talented and resourceful community, would no doubt relieve themselves of panic and dismay based on the insignificant ramblings of a spectator wildly fascinated by the extinguishing qualities of humans who know how to captivate.

Alliteration aside, the culture of ambiguity, having ascended and now hopefully reached a point of bursting with the flight of a balloon, though doubtful and frightfully fascinating in its speculation, is a cumbersome obstacle worth confrontation and conquest but strenuous when the test of patience and will proves overwhelming from its onset. Perhaps this would prove helpful if punctuated by more question marks and discussed between two people.

It isn’t even humid today.


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